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5 Key Elements for Choosing a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Nowadays, the car is popularly applied in people's daily life. It is important to pay attention to safe driving and preventing unnecessary harm. At the same time, keeping the car inside clean is also important. 

How to select a useful car vacuum cleaner and how to use car vacuum cleaner for home are hot topics for car owners. Baofumei is a professional handheld vacuum cleaner factory in China, if you are interested in the vacuum cleaner please contact us first.

The vacuum degree of car vacuum cleaners

For a car vacuum cleaner, it depends on its degree of vacuum to be effective. The greater the degree of vacuum, the greater the suction power. Before choosing, you should fully understand the vacuum parameters of the vacuum cleaner.

The volume of cahot r vacuum cleaners

The volume of car vacuum cleaners is divided into small and large. Taking into account the convenience of portability and ease of use, it is sufficient to choose a portable vacuum cleaner for general family cars.

The power of car vacuum cleaners

A mini handheld vacuum for car, like all electrical appliances, are not as powerful as possible. The key is to suit your own car. The power of a car vacuum seat cleaner is generally about 70W, which can fully meet the requirements for use.

Working noise of car vacuum cleaners

If you want to have a quiet and comfortable environment during dust removal work, you should choose a car vacuum cleaner with low noise. The ideal mute vacuum cleaner has a noise range of <70dB, and the key is to look at the motor. We should use powerful motors with longer service life and quieter work.

The filter material of car vacuum cleaners

The filter material of the vacuum cleaner is very important. The quality of car vacuum cleaners on the market is uneven, and some of them use sponges, activated carbon filters and other materials with unsatisfactory filtering effects. The automobile vacuum cleaner produced by Ningbo Baofumei Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the HYPA filter, which effectively reduces secondary pollution, and is currently a suitable filter material.

Battery Operated Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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