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Powerful Wireless Vacuum Cleaner for Both Car and Home

1. How to choose a car vacuum cleaner?

The cleaning of the car is really worrying, especially for those people with children. Although it is fun to go out to play, the children will inevitably have to eat snacks during the long journey. The cleaning work has become a headache. Most car vacuum cleaners can solve this problem, but many people complain that the vacuum cleaners they buy are too large and take up too much space, and have low suction power. Small residues in the gap between seats and door panels cannot be absorbed in all.

So what kind of car vacuum cleaner is more suitable? The mini cordless car vacuum cleaner produced and sold by Ningbo Baofumei Technology Co., Ltd. a famous handheld vacuum cleaner factory, has high suction power, is wireless and lightweight, has strong endurance, has simple operation, and can remove mites. The key is that the price is competitive.

2. Advantages of Mini Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

The weight of the whole car vacuum seat cleaner is only 0.58 kg, and it is effortless to operate with one hand. It can be used in cars and homes. Compared with all kinds of big car cleaners, it is very light, so you can put it in a drawer and a car glove box, or even stuff it into a backpack.

The mini cordless car vacuum cleaner has a rated power of 70W and a high-performance motor power of 6000pa. The powerful suction power makes the mite removal rate higher. There is no problem with the daily cleaning of hair, dust, solid debris and other garbage. It is wireless, noise-free and has a two-in-one brush head and long battery life, which is very convenient for car and home use.

The inside of the filter of the mini cordless car vacuum cleaner is a secondary HEPA filter that can filter particles and allergens to avoid secondary pollution. It is very useful for friends who are prone to allergies and have pets at home.

Battery Operated Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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