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Characteristics and Application Methods of Anti Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Do you think your home will be totally clean after a thorough cleaning? In fact, it is not. There are a lot of mites and bacteria in our bedding and sheets actually.

Manual cleaning alone is completely impossible, we must rely on the anti-mite vacuum cleaner.

Since mites are the most powerful allergen in the world, could they be deadly?

Mites do not kill people directly, but the diseases they cause can be fatal.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of the anti mite vacuum cleaner

The secret of the mite cleaner is in the suction head, which can emit 8, 000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, the equivalent of beating the surface of bedding 66 times per second, triggering a small-scale general cleaning on the bedding. The fibre dust, mites and other impurities which are hidden in the depths of the bedding are blown out, so the mites can be swept away by the anti-mite vacuum cleaner.

Many vacuum cleaner suppliers also design a dust storage bin of the anti-mite cleaner, which can be changed. The weight of 1.75kg will not be tired when it is used for a long time, and the 3-meter long power cord ensures that it can be moved freely in most rooms.

Ⅱ. The methods of using anti mite vacuum cleaner

1. Wash toys over high heat

Soak all furniture, plush toys, and cotton goods at high heat.

2. Multi ventilation

Try to ventilate for more than 4 hours, because the mites do not adapt to living in a ventilated environment.

3. The action of the anti-mite vacuum cleaner should be gentle

To prevent mites from suspending, you can't make too much movement in case you can't get rid of them. If you have a pet at home, please give it a thorough cleaning.

Ⅲ. Can the UV light vacuum cleaner remove mite?

The UV vacuum mites cleaner on the hot cathode quartz lamp uses UVC nano ultraviolet radiation which can kill bacteria, mites and other microorganisms. And it also destroys the ribonucleic acid on its surface, making it lose the ability to move and survive so that it can achieve the effect of sterilization and mite removal fundamentally.

Mite Bacterial Dust Remove Vacuum Cleaner

Ⅳ. Can the UV light vacuum cleaner fine dust?

The UV mattress vacuum with good quality generally use the special HEPA HEPA filter element, its filter hole is very careful, and the filtration can be accurate to 0.1-0.3 micron, so most dust mites and other allergens will be filtered, and can be multiple filtrations, but also to prevent secondary pollution.

Handheld UV Mite Vacuum Cleaner For Home Sofa and Bed

Ⅴ. How to prevent mites after the UV light vacuum cleaner removes mites?

The final step in mite removal: hot air finish. The living conditions of mites are 60~80% humidity and 20~30℃ temperature, so it is particularly important to keep dry and warm.

When hot air is discharged on both sides of the fuselage, the temperature can reach 70 degrees or even higher, which can directly hit mites. The obvious dehumidification effect of the UV light vacuum cleaner can increase the dryness of the bedclothes, put an end to mite bug from root, prevent the mite bug to breed.

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