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The Functions of the Components of the Vacuum Cleaner

The mites belong to a group of small animals, not bacteria, in the subclass Acari, Arachnida, phylum Arthropoda. The body size is generally about 0.5 mm, some as small as 0.1 mm, and most species are less than 1 mm. The mites and spiders belong to the same class Arachnida. Adults have 4 pairs of feet, a pair of tentacles, no wings and antennae. Their bodies are not divided into three parts including head, chest and abdomen, but fused into a sac, which is different from insects. The insect body is divided into jaw body and body. The jaw body is composed of mouthparts and jaw base, and the body is divided into foot body and end body. The mite body and feet have a lot of hair, some hair is very long. There are mouthparts at the front and various feeding habits.

The mite removal vacuum cleaner, also known as the de-mite machine, is specially used to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mites and other allergens on the bed, sofa, carpet, clothing and any textile articles. The newly listed second generation of mite removal vacuum cleaner adopts a high configuration, which makes the effect of mite removal significantly improved.

Many vacuum cleaner suppliers provide the mite removal vacuum cleaner, an ultraviolet sterilization mite removal product, which is using the modern microelectronics new technology means. The mite removal vacuum cleaner is the use of ultraviolet sterilization principle to destroy the DNA of mites, its beater will mite the fragments and allergens patted out and sucked out, these residues and their excreta are all inhaled into the machine, so as to reduce the symptoms of mite allergy and mite infection.

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Ⅰ. Mite removal vacuum cleaner beater

There are 4 beaters in the ultra configuration, which can effectively beat mites and pet dander out, so as to kill the mites effectively and thoroughly remove dust and bacteria.

Ⅱ. The power of the mite removal vacuum cleaner

The motor power can be increased to 600 watts, and the powerful vacuum-driven suction force can thoroughly dust and sterilize every corner of the room.

Ⅲ. The appearance of mite removal vacuum cleaner

Smooth shape, beautiful and generous, more convenient and safer to use.

Ⅳ. The roller design of mite removal vacuum cleaner

A set of rollers of the anti-mite vacuum cleaner, exclusive use of the anti-embroiled fiber roller design, which can better protect the object to be cleaned, and better realize the cleaning function.

Ⅴ. The aroma function of mite removal vacuum cleaner

Aromatherapy is released through the air exhaust outlet, which makes people relaxed and happy. Lemon and jasmine aromatherapy are available.

UV Mite Bacterial Dust Remove Vacuum Cleaner

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