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How to Remove Mites Effectively? Does Mites Vacuum Cleaner Really Work?

Ⅰ. The necessity of using the mites vacuum cleaner

The mites are not insects. They are one of the most common mites. It feeds on dead skin from people and lives in large numbers on warm and moist mattresses. The life span of a mite is usually only three to four months, but it will produce nearly 2,400 pieces of excrement, which contains a highly allergenic protein that is secreted by mites and used to break down their own food, but when they are discharged from the body, it can cause allergic symptoms such as asthma.

There are various methods that have been tried to eradicate them, including the popular method of using ultraviolet light, however, UV light is not effective in killing mites on your mattress. In laboratory conditions, you need to shine ultraviolet light on mites for more than 60 minutes to kill them. Due to the efforts of vacuum cleaner suppliers, the emergence of the UV vacuum mites cleaner can solve this problem effectively.

Ⅱ. Mites vacuum cleaner effectively removes dust mites

Generally speaking, the three cleaning processes of basking in the sun, beating the quilt and using the ordinary mites vacuum cleaner take at least 50 seconds to complete, and it takes a lot of time and manpower. However, using a special mite removal vacuum cleaner, the work is only one-third as much, the time is also reduced to a tenth of the original, the effect is 10 times as good. Because this mites vacuum cleaner as ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection tools, not only can be used in the general family sterilization, disinfection, and also can be used in the medical institutions and restaurants, so its ability to remove mites is very powerful.

Of course, the mites in the sun will be killed by ultraviolet light. Therefore, it is easy to kill mites under the irradiation of sunlight that exists in the clothes or quilts that are easy to carry. This is why people like to put their clothes or quilts out in the sun in spring. However, for heavier items that are difficult to illuminate the sun directly, such as sofas or carpets, the probability of mites breeding is relatively high, which requires a mites vacuum cleaner with special functions to help to solve it. The mite removal vacuum cleaner can be irradiated by ultraviolet light for special treatment of mites which are hidden inside sofas or other furniture that is difficult to move to achieve the extinction of mites. Therefore, it can be said that mites vacuum cleaners are very useful.

To buy the mites vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to buy brand products so as to ensure indoor comfort and cleanliness. When using the mites vacuum cleaner, we must pay attention to the methods and skills to make our family's life more healthy and comfortable and clean.

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