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How to Use Car Vacuum Cleaner at Home

Vacuum cleaners are now very popular and have become an important part of the home. But if the vacuum cleaner at home is broken, what should I do? If you happen to have a car vacuum cleaner, you may want to ask "how can I use car vacuum cleaner at home", now we would introduce it to you so that you can use it to clean your home.

The Advantages of Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner

The car vacuum cleaner is generally a wireless vacuum cleaner. With a large-capacity lithium battery, they can bring amazing suction power and long-lasting battery life. They are not only suitable for use in the car but also suitable for home use.

The car inside vacuum cleaner is small, very light and easy to move, so it is very suitable for cleaning some corner gaps such as bookshelves and corners. It is also a good choice to clean the sofa in the living room and bed. However, it is best not to use the car vacuum cleaner to clean the ground. Firstly, because it's inconvenient, and secondly, the suction power is relatively small.

How Can I Use the Car Vacuum Cleaner at Home?

Since we already know the benefits of using car vacuum cleaner, then if we want to use it at home, how to use car vacuum cleaner? Next we would introduce this to you.

1. Before using the car vacuum cleaner, be sure to check whether the fuse of the power supply can withstand the current when the vacuum cleaner is started and working.

2. Turn off the power switch of the car vacuum cleaner, and then insert the power plug into the car cigarette lighter socket. The car should be started first, and then the power switch of the vacuum cleaner should be started to operate.

3. When the dust reaches a certain level or needs to be cleaned after use, please press the clip on the dust cover to open the dust cover to remove the dirt.

4. It is best to wear a mask when using a car vacuum cleaner to vacuum, because the use of a car vacuum cleaner will easily cause dust to rise, and it is easy to inhale the raised dust.

5. In the process of use, pay attention to whether there is any foreign matter blocking the straw, or abnormal noise, smoke, etc., and stop using it immediately when encountering the above conditions.

Now you may have a clear understanding of knowledge about how to use car vacuum cleaner. 

How To Clean Cars With Vacuum Cleaner

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