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What Are The Differences between Bag Stick Vacuum Cleaner And Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

The bagless stick vacuum cleaner is a common vacuum cleaner for homes in modern families. In addition, a bag stick vacuum cleaner is also commonly used. Today we will introduce the differences between bag stick vacuum cleaners and bagless stick vacuum cleaners.

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What are the differences between a bagless stick vacuum cleaner and a bag stick vacuum cleaner?

Bag stick vacuum cleaner: it works by collecting dust and expelling air at the same time. Its advantage is that it's very convenient to throw away the garbage bag by taking it out. It's clean and sanitary, and it doesn't need to clean up too many times.

Bagless stick vacuum cleaner: the basic principle is the same as a bag vacuum cleaner. The difference is that after the dust enters the dust collecting box, the large dust is separated by the rotating centrifugal force of the airflow and left in the dust cup, and then the air passes through the internal filtering device to block the small dust inside, making the airflow out.

For bagless stick vacuum cleaner, you don't need to worry about replacing a new bag. You just need to spend time cleaning the dust cup. If it accidentally inhales something valuable, you can easily find it in the dust cup. So there is the lightest handheld vacuum emerging in the market.

Which one is better, bagless stick vacuum cleaner or bag stick vacuum cleaner?

For vacuum cleaners with dust bags, you just need to directly throw away the garbage bags inside without direct contact. But it also needs to be cleaned. When the air holes of the bag are blocked by dust, the suction rate will drop quickly. Thus, regular cleaning is needed.

For bagless stick vacuum cleaners, you don't need to worry about buying new bags. You just need to clean the dust cup directly, which is much easier than cleaning the dust bag. You just need to pour out the dust and flush it with water during cleaning.

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