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Can We Wear the Clothes Immediately After the Hang Ironing Machine Ironing?

The standing garment steamer is a very practical household appliance. Its usage is also very simple. Just add water and a plugin for ironing. It can iron the clothes in a short time and has a very good effect.

Can the clothes be worn directly after ironing with the garment steamer for clothes?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to put it on immediately. It is best to wait two or three minutes and wait for the clothes to dry before putting them on. Clothes that have just been ironed tend to wrinkle after being put on. And the ironed clothes should not be too squeezed when hung, otherwise, they will be deformed or wrinkled. Light-coloured, especially white, cotton and linen should not be placed in the closet after ironing to avoid yellowing.

No matter what kind of clothes are ironed with the garment steamer for clothes, they should not be packed or put in the closet immediately. They need to be hung in a ventilated place to evaporate. If necessary, they can be dried with a hairdryer, otherwise, they will easily become mouldy.

There are different kinds of garment steamers, such as the handle garment steamer, stand up garment steamer. If you want to bulk buy garment steamers, please contact Baofumei first.

How to iron clothes with a standing garment steamer?

1. When ironing, first clamp the clothes so that they fall on the bracket standing, then turn the collar upside down and iron from behind.

2. After the collar is ironed, the sleeves and shoulders should be straightened and ironed, otherwise the wrinkles cannot be smoothed out quickly.

3. Next, use a standing garment steamer to iron the back of the clothes to smooth out wrinkles and creases, and then iron the front to make it look fresh.

4. Iron the hem of the clothes, iron the middle of the two sides, and then iron the ends without steam.

5. After the clothes are ironed by the standing garment steamer, the trousers can be ironed. The trousers are generally ironed from top to bottom. The focus of ironing is on the trousers and the bottom of the trousers.

Garment Stand For Steaming Clothes

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