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Portable Steamer Embodies the Quality of Life, Compact and Easy to Carry

Nowadays, people's quality of life has been significantly improved, and household appliances such as portable garment steamers are beginning to be used by more and more families. A simple and effective ironing process with a portable garment ironer can easily achieve the purpose of people's delicate life. Iron the clothes before going out to maintain a fresh and clean image at any time; the compact body is easy to carry, and can meet the ironing needs at any time even when traveling.

1. Appearance design of portable garment steamer

Most vertical garment steamers are large in size, take up space for daily use, and are inconvenient to operate. The portable garment steamer takes this into consideration, and the design is compact and does not take up space, and the general storage compartment can be easily stored. When you are on a business trip or travel, the body of the average size of the hair dryer can be directly put into the suitcase, and you can also enjoy a quality life when you stay in a hotel. The appearance design takes care of the aesthetics of most people, with a simple shape, and it can also reflect the quality of life when placed in one place, and easily enhance the sense of happiness.

2. The role of portable garment steamer

(1) Small and convenient

Small and portable is one of the advantages of portable garment steamers. In addition, the portable steamer is simple to use, easy to operate, and subverts the tradition. The double water tank is designed to store and replenish water in one. The water storage capacity of the separate water storage tank reaches 500 ml, and the portable water tank can store 100 ml of water. When you need to iron the clothes, you only need to add clean water to the separate water tank, insert the steam brush into the main unit, and the portable water storage tank can be automatically replenished, and it only takes 8 seconds to fill up. The portable water tank can meet the water required for a piece of clothing. The steam brush is small and light, and the weight is equivalent to a 750ml bottle of mineral water.

(2) Sterilization

Not only can iron clothes, but the advantage of the portable garment ironer is its efficient killing of bacteria and viruses. At a time when environmental issues are attracting attention, the cleaning of clothing and plush toys is also very important. Its high-temperature disinfection and sterilization rate can reach 99%, killing mites and bacteria, protecting the health of the whole family and caring for the growth of the baby.

Whether it is home life or business trips, the portable garment ironing machine has a subversive double water tank to solve the family's clothing ironing needs without frequent water addition. The efficient ironing speed and ironing effect make travel worry-free, and the effect is remarkable. Clothes quickly restore their original "face" and start a good mood for the day. Moreover, its 99% sterilization effect also brings a more secure home space. It is enough to see that the portable garment steamer can easily meet our household needs and is indeed a good choice.

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