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Hang Irons and Irons, Which One is Better?

What is a stand up garment steamer?

Hanging irons are also called vertical irons and dress steamers. In other words, the clothes hanger is a machine that can hang and iron clothes and fabrics. The garment ironing apparatus can continuously contact clothes and fabrics through the hot water vapour generated inside so that it can achieve the purpose of softening the clothes and fabrics. It can also smooth clothes or fabrics through the actions of "pull, spray, and press".

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The difference between a stand up garment steamer and an iron steamer

Electric irons are much smaller in size than garment irons. Electric irons are tools used to level clothes, and their power is generally between 300-1000W. Electric irons can be divided into ordinary types, temperature adjustment types, steam spray types, etc., but the use of irons is also relatively limited.

The functions of the stand up garment steamer and the electric iron have their own merits, but in general, the garment ironing device and the electric iron are for the same purpose, that is, ironing clothes or other fabrics evenly. The vertical garment ironing machine will not leave the dirt produced by high temperature on the clothes like an electric iron.

Generally, when we go to a clothing store, there are dress steamers in almost every clothing store. Garment irons are more suitable for use in clothing stores. Garment irons are quick to iron clothes, easy to operate and look very atmospheric. In addition to clothing stores, it is also very suitable for home use and is more professional than irons. Moreover, it is convenient to store and use.

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