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How to Use a Household Car Vacuum Cleaner?

The most troublesome thing in cleaning a vehicle is the messy flannel carpet inside. Many people don't know how to clean the flannel floor thoroughly.

1. Household vehicle vacuum cleaner

First of all, we want to remind everyone that the ground on the car is generally dirty, especially the flannel ground. In addition to the obvious dirt such as sand and oil stains, it is also easy to breed bacteria.

When we clean the floor by DIY, due to limited conditions, we can only clean the visible dirt on the surface. If you want to thoroughly disinfect your car, it is recommended that you go to a professional car beauty shop, where the The equipment and personnel are more professional, and the effect of cleaning and disinfection is also more obvious.

2. Cleaning preparations with household car vacuum cleaners 

Before starting to clean the ground, we need to prepare some tools and cleaning supplies, which are available in supermarkets, auto parts stores or online, including: towels, soft brushes, stickers, multi-purpose foam cleaners, adhesive strips , If possible, prepare a car china small vacuum cleaner.

When using a car interior cleaning vacuum cleaner, instead of slamming the nozzle against the seat, you must first blow away the dirt before sucking. The dust that sticks to the car can be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. In fact, very little, especially the vacuum cleaner for households and small car vacuum cleaners for automobiles, the suction power is even lower.

For dust that can't be vacuumed up, use a duster to slap it out of the car. For example, with flannel seats, you can dust off the dust that got into the seat cushion first, and then use the car vacuum cleaner, so the effect is better.

It should be noted that when dusting the dust, the force should not be too large, otherwise the dusted object will be easily damaged.

In addition, when dusting, there is a lot of dust flying in the car, so the door must be fully open, and the air conditioner must be turned on to the maximum to blow the dust out of the car.

3. Cleaning vacuum cleaners and stickers are the most effective for cleaning sand and soil

There are often a lot of dirt or pebbles on the ground of the vehicle. The easiest way to clean them is to use a vacuum cleaner.

If the home conditions permit, you can use a household car vacuum cleaner, because this vacuum cleaner has high suction power and obvious effect.

Before using the vacuum cleaner, you can put a layer of stockings on the junction of the front nozzle and the hose, which becomes a very useful filter that can improve the vacuuming efficiency. Maybe you think your seat should be clean, but you can tell by looking at the stockings that there is actually a lot of cotton wool on it.

In addition, due to the structure of the car vacuum cleaner itself, the sucked air can be discharged from the inside. There is a simple stocking-type filter and the filter of the vacuum cleaner itself to form a two-stage filter, which can prevent the vacuum cleaner from re-discharging dust in the car at the discharge port.

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