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Precautions for Purchasing the Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

1. Choose a portable car vacuum cleaner according to power

The power of the portable car vacuum cleaner has a direct effect on the suction power. If you usually only drive in the city or on the highway, a car vacuum cleaner with a power of about 60W can fully meet the requirements for use. But if you need to run on some roads that are not very good, you can choose a cleaner with a higher power.

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2. Choose a portable car vacuum cleaner according to the power cord

Many car owners only look at the main unit of the vacuum cleaner when purchasing a car interior cleaning vacuum cleaner, ignoring the length of the power cord, and only find that the power cord is short when it is used. The length of the power cord will directly affect the size of the used space. The portable car vacuum cleaner adopts a wireless design, which can fully meet the demand.

3. Choose a portable car vacuum cleaner according to the size of your own car model

The size of the car vacuum cleaner should match your own car. General family cars and commercial vehicles can choose portable car vacuum cleaners. If it is a large car, you can choose a large car vacuum cleaner. Large-scale car vacuum cleaners are more expensive and large in size. It is recommended that a mini handheld vacuum for car is sufficient for general family car maintenance.

Battery Operated Mini Vacuum Cleaner

4. Choose a portable car vacuum cleaner according to accessories

Many standard parts of a car vacuum cleaner are not enough. For example, some dead corners in a car are difficult to clean if the parts are not complete. Some car vacuum cleaners will also be equipped with nozzles of various shapes, which are convenient for car owners to use. You can consult more when purchasing and choose a few more accessories, so that the interior of the car can be completely cleaned.

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