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Differences Between a Vacuum Cleaner and an Ordinary Cleaner

What is a vacuum cleaner?

The main components of vacuum cleaners include vacuum pumps, dust bags, hoses, and exhaust fans. Its working principle is that the exhaust fan in the vacuum cleaner is under the action of electric current, which is what we usually say when the exhaust fan rotates after the power is turned on. At this time, the inside of the vacuum cleaner is in a vacuum state.

Since the vacuum cleaner is in a vacuum state, the air pressure inside is lower than the air pressure outside. At this time, dust and particles on the ground will be sucked into the vacuum cleaner by atmospheric pressure. After the filtering effect of the dust bag, the garbage will be left in the dust bag. Just turn on the vacuum cleaner and easily hold the vacuum hole to use it.

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Differences between a vacuum cleaner and an ordinary vacuum cleaner

1. There is a big difference between the two. First of all, the quality is different. The quality of the vacuum cleaner is guaranteed and the vacuuming effect is good. The quality of the ordinary vacuum cleaner for home is not guaranteed, and the effect is not as good as that of vacuum cleaners. But in terms of price, ordinary vacuum cleaners are much cheaper, and vacuum cleaners are more expensive.

2. Vacuum cleaner: There is an electric exhaust fan inside it, which can form a vacuum through high-speed operation, and the pressure will be much lower than the outside air pressure. Under the action of a relatively large air pressure gap, the dust on the ground is sucked into the cylinder.

3. Ordinary household vacuum cleaner: The motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at a high speed, sucking in air from the suction port, creating a vacuum, sucking dust through the floor brush handle, hose, etc., and entering the motor through the filter.

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