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The Structure and Principle of Vacuum Cleaner

With the development of The Times, people's living standards are gradually improving, and people's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. Clean, comfortable, tidy is the most basic requirement to meet the needs of people's daily life. The vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use. It is a common dust removal tool in our daily life, especially in families with floors or carpets. The vacuum cleaner brings great convenience to everyone.

Ⅰ. Introduction to the vacuum cleaners

The electric vacuum cleaner has a history of 100 years. For many people, it has become a piece of indispensable household equipment, so the reason is obvious. The current controls the motor operation. A fan is attached to the motor, and the fan blades have a certain angle, just like the propeller of an aircraft. When the fan blades rotate, they push the air to the exhaust port. When the air particles are pushed forward, the particle density in front of the fan will increase, the air pressure will increase accordingly, and the particle density behind the fan will decrease. The pressure drop behind the fan is the same as the pressure drop in the straw when you drink. The pressure behind the fan is lower than the pressure outside the vacuum cleaner, which is the ambient air pressure. This creates suction inside the vacuum cleaner, which is the partial vacuum.

Ⅱ. Working principles of vacuum cleaner

The main components of the modern vacuum cleaner: are the vacuum pump, dust collection bag, hose, and nozzles of different shapes. There is an electric exhaust fan inside the machine, which can run at a high speed after being powered on so that an instantaneous vacuum is formed inside the vacuum cleaner, and the internal air pressure is much lower than the external air pressure. Under the action of this air pressure difference, the dust and dirty things will enter the vacuum cleaner barrel with the airflow, and then be filtered by the dust collection bag, the dust remains in the dust collection bag, and the purified air enters the room again through the motor, it can cool the motor and purify the air.

Ⅲ. Structure principles of vacuum cleaner

1. Dust collection principle. Driven by the high-speed motor, the fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner can discharge the air in the impeller from the fan at high speed, and make part of the air continuously supplement the inlet fan. This will not form a high air pressure difference with the outside world. The dust and dirt of the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust suction part with the air and leaked through the leakage device to collect the dust and dirt in the dust cylinder.

2. The origin of the vacuum cleaner. All the mite removal vacuum cleaners are equipped with an assembled brush head for cleaning the floors and carpets. The suction vacuum cleaner will also be equipped with a series of cleaning brushes and suction nozzles to clean the corners, curtains, sofas, and gaps.

3. Pipes: all the suction vacuum cleaners will be equipped with hard pipes to connect the soft pipes and the accessories for cleaning.

4. Electric brush: the cleaning head of the built-in vacuum cleaner is a unique accessory of the hybrid vacuum cleaner.

5. Round brush head: it is also a small suction nozzle, which can be used for 360 * rotation, which is convenient for cleaning the furniture, fine mesh fabrics, etc.

6. Flat suction nozzle: it is also known as the slot suction nozzle, which is a slender, flat hard suction nozzle. It is especially suitable for cleaning wall edges, radiant heating films, corners, and narrow places.

7. Dust sweeping brush: made of the long and soft mane, suitable for cleaning the curtains, walls, etc.

The vacuum cleaner is also one of the products of the development of modern science and technology, which brings great convenience to our life and makes us easier in the process of doing housework or work. The mite removing vacuum cleaner also has the function of both dry and wet. It can inhale liquids and solids, which is more convenient for large-scale cleaning. Through the above introduction of Baofumei, we believe you have a certain understanding of the working principle of the vacuum cleaner. It is not only simple in design but also easy to use. It is really a good helper at home.

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