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The Introduction of Working Principle and Advantages of Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner compared with the traditional corded vacuum cleaner, its advantage is rechargeable work. And it is completely free of restraints and trappings. We can clean any corner of the home freely.

Ⅰ. The working principles of cordless stick vacuum cleaner

1. Built-in driving motor

The interior of cordless stick vacuum cleaner only has driving motor. When we open its switch to run the vacuum cleaner, the cordless stick vacuum cleaner will start its cleaning work according to our dragging. There is no limit of power line, no matter you want to clean the ground or the car, doors, windows, curtains and so on, it is very free.

2. Rechargeable work

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a new kind of vacuum cleaner, it does not need power line to complete the work of vacuuming. Like a phone, it uses a charger to keep the machine running.

Ⅱ. The advantages of cordless stick vacuum cleaner

1. Unlimited freedom of cleaning

Compared with wired vacuum cleaner, cordless stick vacuum cleaner does not have the power cord of towing, it is tailored for the pursuit of high efficiency and convenience, you can clean in different rooms, and where to wash the dirty. And it is clean anytime and anywhere and has strong suction, and can ensure the cleaning effect.

The cleaning radius is infinitely expanded, and there is no block of power supply. From under the sofa to the corner, a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, used by standing and handheld, takes care of everything.

2. It can be carried anywhere

One of the most significant advantages of cordless stick vacuum cleaner is that we can carry it anywhere at any time, no matter at home or in the car, it is very convenient to use in the office, especially for families with child seats installed in the car. Owning a cordless stick vacuum cleaner is to help the family solve a big trouble.

3. Strong suction, low energy consumption

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner also has a smooth and straight air inlet to let the air quickly enter into. The arc-shaped ventilation channel separates the cordless stick vacuum cleaner from the dust to achieve the purpose of high-speed dust absorption.

Then with the electric brush, the motor can take the initiative to rotate cleaning, to a great extent to reduce the energy consumption of the vacuum cleaner host, to ensure its suction.

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