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How to Select Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner?

More and more people use cordless stick vacuum cleaners

The rapid development of high technology has brought a lot of changes to our life: first of all, more and more families choose to use vacuum cleaners. And more people in the choice of vacuum cleaner, prefer cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Its cleaning speed is fast and it is easy to use. It is gradually occupying the consumer market of household vacuum cleaners.

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Matters needing attention when purchasing a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner

  • Dust collection rate

For the cordless handheld stick vacuum cleaner, the dust collection rate is very important. It directly affects the final cleaning effect and cleanliness of the vacuum cleaner. So in the daily purchase of a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, the first step is to see its dust collection rate. In this way, in the daily household process, the cordless handstick vacuum cleaner can really achieve the effect of thorough cleaning.

  • Dust collection method

In the selection of cordless stick vacuum cleaner, its use of dust collection methods also needs to be known. Different dust collection methods will directly affect the final cleaning effect. In cordless handstick vacuum cleaner, there are two main dust collection methods, one is the cyclone dust separation method with dust bag, the other is the dust collection method with dust bag.

  • Ease to use

In the daily selection of cordless handstick vacuum cleaners, the weight of its body also needs attention. If the house is large, the cleaning of the whole room is also a big project. So in terms of the weight of cordless handstick vacuum cleaner, we should choose according to our personal situation.

Use Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

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