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The Development History of the Vacuum Cleaner

The history of vacuum cleaners

In 1901, British civil engineer Booth made a vacuum cleaner, which used a powerful electric pump to suck air into a hose and filter the dust through a cloth bag. In August 1901, Booth obtained a patent and established a vacuum cleaner company, but it did not sell vacuum cleaners. This is the predecessor of the later vacuum cleaner.

In 1902, Booth's service company was called to Westminster Abbey to clean up the carpet used for the coronation of Edward VII. Since then, the business has become increasingly prosperous. In 1906, Booth made a small home use vacuum cleaner. Although it was called "small", the vacuum cleaner weighed 88 pounds (1 pound = 0.4536 kg), which was too bulky to be popularized.

In 1907, the inventor of Ohio, Spangella, made lightweight vacuum cleaners. He was working as a caretaker in a shop at the time. In order to reduce the burden of cleaning carpets, he made a vacuum cleaner. Due to his inability to produce and sell, he transferred the patent to the fur manufacturer Hoover in 1908.

The development of vacuum cleaners

Hoover began to manufacture a wheeled "O" vacuum cleaner, whose market was quite good. The earliest household vacuum cleaner had a reasonable design, and it hasn't changed much since its development.

In 1910, the Danish company "Fisker & Nielsen" sold the first Nilfisk C1 vacuum cleaner. It weighs about 17.5 kg, but because it can be operated by one person, it was well-received by the market at that time.

The earliest designed vacuum cleaner was upright. In 1912, Winle Goering in Stockholm, Sweden, invented the horizontal can-shaped vacuum cleaner, and Electrolux thus became the founder of the vacuum cleaner.

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