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How can household wireless vacuum cleaner not tread on thunder when buying?

With the improvement of people's quality of life, when cleaning and doing housework, many friends will choose to use household handheld cordless vacuum cleaners instead of manual labor.

Therefore, more and more consumers are buying household handheld cordless vacuum cleaners, which also makes many bosses see business opportunities and start selling household vacuum cleaners.

1. Understand the number of brush head assemblies for household handheld cordless vacuum cleaners

When buying a household handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, there is a link that is very easy to step on the thunder, that is, the link of giving away the brush head of the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner.

In this link, the number of brush heads of the household handheld cordless vacuum cleaner can directly see how many functions of the cordless household vacuum cleaner are.

If the merchant advertises rich use functions, but only gives three brush heads for household vacuum cleaners, at this time, they should immediately see through the merchant's routine to avoid stepping on thunder.

2. Identify the noise reduction technology of hand-held cordless household vacuum cleaners

If the merchant introduces the cordless handstick vacuum cleaner and indicates that the vacuum cleaner has powerful noise reduction technology, it is recommended to immediately check the suction parameters and usage power of the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner at this time.

Because the ordinary price of the household handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, as long as the power is relatively large, the noise is difficult to avoid. If you do not understand the parameters, you can ask the merchant to demonstrate the operation of the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner on the spot.

3. Pay attention to the price gradient of hand-held cordless vacuum cleaners

Cordless home vacuum cleaners priced below 500 yuan are low-end models, those below 1,000 yuan are entry-level models, and only those above 1,200 yuan are high-end models.

It is recommended to find out the price gradient of cordless household vacuum cleaners before purchasing a cordless household vacuum cleaner, so as to prevent merchants from promoting high-end models or entry-level models when selling cordless household vacuum cleaners within 500 yuan.

If you have the experience of buying a household hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner, you will know that the routines of household vacuum cleaner merchants are far more than those described above, and there are many deeper routines.

In order to avoid stepping on the thunder when purchasing a household handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, in addition to trying to identify the routines of the merchants, it is also necessary to choose a regular household vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

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