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Keep Your Car Clean with This Car Vacuum

People's life has been inseparable from car. This is especially true when you're driving your kids out. They leave all kinds of snack crumbs and food residue in your car. If you don't clean it up for a month, it's like a garbage dump. There were nearly 800 bacteria in an area the size of a dollar coin, 10 times more than in a public toilet.

Everyone knows that a dirty car is easy to breed bacteria which will endanger our health, but the car cleaning is very troublesome, it is difficult to clean without the professional tools.

How to deal with these sanitary dead corners? Today we will introduce you a Baofumei CC-S20 mini cordless car vacuum cleaner, as long as gently suck, then every corner of the garbage can be removed, and let you drive a new car every day!

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Ⅰ. The powerful function of the Baofumei CC-S20 mini cordless car vacuum cleaner

It is small and exquisite, about the size of a 500ml water bottle, can be held in one hand, and the level of appearance is very high! It can help you to clean all kinds of carriage garbage up easily!

Most car vacuum cleaners on the market are very large and can only be put in the trunk, which is very inconvenient to use. But the Baofumei CC-S20 mini cordless car vacuum cleaner comes with a rechargeable battery and does not require a power cord connection. You can put it directly in your car's water cup trough or the front of the passenger seat locker so that you can use it at any time.

The powerful suction of 6000 parapascals is what it does best! Sucking up the granular objects is not a problem at all.

The mat is the dirtiest place on the car, there is soot, dandruff, snacks, paper, fruit shells, stones, and so on. But the mat immediately becomes clean under the strong suction of the machine.

The biscuit crumbs and dirt from the top of the child seat are always a problem, but when you use the Baofumei CC-S20 mini cordless car vacuum, it's not a problem! Even the dirt in the crevices will be sucked clean.

Smokers are most likely to drop the ash into the cup holders which are narrow and deep. It's annoying that you can't wipe it off with a towel, but with this vacuum cleaner, it's gone with a puff.

Ⅱ. A variety of accessories of the Baofumei CC-S20 mini cordless car vacuum cleaner

1. Standard suction

2. A brush suction tip used for carpet suction

3. Long nozzles for sucking nooks and crannies

If you add a brush head, you can easily deal with the dust from the air conditioning exits, fences, and other places.

If you lengthen the nozzle, you can easily dispose of the rubbish in the corner.

When you are finished, unscrew the suction head, take out the filter element, and pour out the dust inside. It uses an HYPA filter, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution.

This mini cordless car vacuum has a large power battery built-in and is charged using the USB port. It has 70W power and 5V voltage. You can charge it when you don't need it at ordinary times, and you can use it when you need it. At the same time, it can be used not only in the car, but also in the home and office, and it doesn't take up space anywhere.

The sofa is similar to the car seat, and the hair dust in the crevices can be removed with a mini cordless car vacuum cleaner.

What is the sanitary condition of your car? Think about all kinds of dust and impurities in the

nooks and crannies, and give your car a full range of cleaning! Exquisite life, start from a clean environment!

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