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Understand the Use and Maintenance of Vacuum Cleaners

Ⅰ. Know the vacuum cleaner

Your vacuum is probably the most important cleaning item in your entire home. When you think about it, your vacuum takes care of thousands of pounds worth of carpets, upholstery, curtains and other soft furniture. Follow these simple steps to increase the life of your vacuum cleaner and the pleasure of using it.

Ⅱ. The use and maintenance of vacuum cleaners

Always keep your vacuum well maintained: 

Keeping your vacuum happy and healthy requires very little effort, and a little maintenance can go a long way. Do not overfill the bag and always keep the filter clean by washing regularly and always changing it annually. Make sure the brush roller is free of hair, threads, carpet fibers and all other foreign matter. Check for cracks and tears when the hose is extended.

Safety First: 

Before servicing your vacuum, please unplug it. If working on a cordless vacuum with an easily removable battery, remove the battery from the main body.

Protect the power cord to prolong its life: 

Eventually all corded vacuums, like irons and lawn mowers, will need to have their power cord replaced. Because they are constantly being bent over and over. You'll never replace a cable on a TV just because the cable never moves. Therefore, to extend the life of the vacuum cleaner cable. Wrap the cable in a loose circle, pulling the plug out of the socket by pulling on the plug. Remove the cable completely from the winder hook and place it loosely on the floor.

Never pull on the cable itself from the wall outlet or from where the cable enters the vacuum cleaner. Do not wrap the cable in a figure-eight shape. Never use a vacuum cleaner with cuts in the outer cable insulation or exposed inner cables.

Most vacuums are designed to pick up normal household dust and dirt. Few vacuums can handle the debris caused by brick dust, plaster dust, and general rubble that ruins the construction work of most vacuums. Cyclone vacuums are particularly sensitive to fine dust. Talc and gypsum dust are particularly damaging and can easily break the vacuum and void the warranty. Also, be careful not to vacuum heavy, long or sharp objects such as nuts, bolts, Lego, pens, toothpicks, gravel, etc. They can both cause serious damage to your vacuum cleaner in an instant.

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